Your own place at 'The smiling coast of Africa' 

At a distance of a six hours flight, with a season that contains eight months of sun,The Gambia is an uncut diamant. Buying peaces of land and houses in The Gambia is more value for money than other tropical destinations. The possibilities to gain a good piece of land and to build a solid house are great. The Gambia has no ethnic, religieus or economical conflicts.

Because of our cooperation with an English projectmanager who lives in The Gambia, and two Gambians who are aware of all the rules and regulations, it is possible  to invest in a save way.

On beautiful and quite locations we buy land according to all these rules and regulations. To buy land and build a house, knowledge is the main key to succes in The Gambia.

We can provide the appropriate lands and real estate, according to your wishes. Our portfolio contains several designs of houses from two up to six bedrooms, classical or modern, with or without a swimming pool​.

We accompany you with purchasing  land and a house, but we also can provide you with renting out your house and providing the necessary staff. From arrival to departure we arrange all matters: marketing, reservations, transport and maintenance of house and garden. in short, we provide everything! We achieve this trough our existing network.

The profit of renting out your house can go up to fifteen percent.

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